​Handling a Snow Day as a Business Owner 101

During the winter season, the elements can have an immense impact on our daily lives in a way that they do not in the summertime. For business owners, this means you must have a plan for those days when the weather decides to pile on a little extra inconvenience into your life.

Frigid temperatures can disrupt far more than your body heat. The heavy snowfall that can occur during the winter has the power to dismantle infrastructure and affect the everyday comings and
goings of local businesses.

Furthermore, the hazardous ice that can form in this weather in parking lots and storefronts can pose a serious threat to your staff and clientele. Therefore, it is highly advised that you as a business owner have a failsafe plan to handle snowy days.

Here is Tier One’s foolproof guide to handling a snow day:

Place Signage Outside

If you notice that your storefront is quite icy and could pose potential danger to your customers and workers, you need to make sure they are aware. The ideal way to get the message across is to put out signage that tells your clients and staff members to tread carefully.

Rely on your Resources

Got a bag of salt in the back? Have a free employee and a snow shovel? It’s time to put them to use! While this is only a very short-term remedy to your snow and ice problem, using your company’s manpower to make the walkway up to your store less hazardous is far better than doing nothing at all. Shovel a path for your customers and ensure that it is salted profusely to minimize the risk of injury that the weather is creating.

Contact a Snow Removal Service

Last but certainly not least, it’s vital that you don’t try to battle the elements on your own. Snow removal is a serious business, and hiring a snow removal service could make the difference between an accident occurring outside of your store and all of your customers remaining safe despite the weather conditions.

At Tier One, we take our commercial winter plowing and salting services extremely seriously. We recognize the danger that these menacing elements bring forth, and do everything in our power with our advanced machinery and dedicated team to ensure that your customers and workers remain safe despite the weather.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy team with a track record of high customer retention and high quality workmanship, contact us today to learn more about our snow removal services!

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