​Tier One – The Imperative Keys to Enhancing your Businesses Curb Appeal

Ah, first impressions. They can make or break your opinion of a person or place, especially commercial businesses. When your storefront looks sloppy, it’s a direct representation, whether accurate or not, of the quality of service that your business conducts and provides for customers and clients. 

If you think about it for a moment or so, you’ll likely be able to recall times when you’ve encountered unsightly overgrown weeds and litter in the parking lot of a store you were entering.

Unfortunately, customers are more likely to recall and share their negative experiences with a business than positive ones. Therefore, it is immensely important for commercial property owners to maintain their grounds and ensure that their curb appeal is top notch.

Here are a few imperative keys to enhancing your businesses curb appeal:

Litter Control

While you have no power over whether someone litters on your business’s property, you can certainly hire someone to ensure that it getspicked up promptly. Landscaping companies are heavily popular for a variety of their services, including daily, weekly and monthly litter pick up. If you choose to work with a standup team known for their exceptional workmanship, you can rest easy knowing that your property is pristine and leaving your customers and clients in awe.

Keep it Swept

Dirt on a white sidewalk sticks out like a sore thumb. So, while it is a simple strategy, consistently sweeping your property parking lot and sidewalk is an enormously effective way to sharpen the image of your business in your customers’ minds.

Mow More

At Tier One, we believe that tall grass should grow wild, but only in the forest. If your business has a lawn, why would you do anything but keep it crisply cut? The good news is that if you don’t possess the time to get the job done yourself, you can simply hire a landscaping team to assist you
in this regard.

Upgrade your Green Space

Nobody appreciates the look of an overgrown garden, and that includes uneven hedges! If your business boasts flowerbeds or bushes, it is your job as the owner to ensure that they are well maintained. Furthermore, if you have empty storefront space, we highly advise that you install some shrubbery to take advantage of the opportunity it provides you with!

While this information may feel overwhelming at first, keeping a stunning storefront isn’t all that difficult when you’ve got a stellar team of landscapers, like us at Tier One on your side. We promise to work tirelessly to realize your vision of how you’d like your property to appear to all that pass by. If you’re interested in learning more about our wide selection of services, contact us today!

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