​Why Business Owners must keep their Properties Maintained

Becoming the owner of a business is an exciting and challenging endeavour. Taking your passion and turning it into a professional pathway is one of the greatest things that anyone can achieve – regardless of whether they are owners of a business or not.

However, unlike those who work in an office building, business owners have a unique responsibility that most people do not – having to maintain a property. The importance of carrying out this obligation cannot be overstated. Unmaintained landscapes appear sloppy, and even more importantly, as a property owner the onus is on you to ensure that your customers and employees remain free from harm when on your premises.

Business owners must take extra caution to ensure that their parking lots and sales floors are safe, because if someone is injured on their property, they can be found liable for any injuries.

The best course of action you can take is to employ preventative strategies to keep your property looking crisp, attractive, and also free from anything that can cause potential harm.

Not sure where to begin? Fortunately, we at Tier One Lawn Care have a couple of tricks up our sleeves to assist you in transforming your business into a safe environment for any and all clients who enter it:

Commercial Winter Plowing and Salting

Ice, snow, and salt – oh my! Unfortunately, the elements typically associated with the winter season do not do business owners any favours when it comes to keeping their properties free from danger. Hazardous ice patches are notorious for causing slip and fall injuries, and heavy snowfall can cause a host of issues.

It is with this in mind that we offer commercial winter plowing and salting services, so that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your clients and staff are free from harm the moment they arrive in your parking lot.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

First impressions are paramount to the continuation of a relationship. Therefore, it’s vital that as a business owner, you ensure that your commercial landscape impresses all those who arrive on it. Overgrown weeds, uneven landscapes, and rampant litter are just a few of the things that can cause customers and clientele to make snap judgements about the quality of your business.

Fortunately for our clients, our landscape maintenance services and litter removal programs that are carried out by our trusted team can upgrade and revitalize any commercial property by kicking its curb appeal up a notch!

A clients’ experience at your business starts before they even enter the front door. As a business owner, you’re keenly aware of how imperative it is to maintain not just the interior of your establishment, but the exterior as well. If you’re looking to work with a
landscaping team known for their hard work, dedication, and high-quality service, you’ve come to the right place. Drop us a line today so that we can get the ball rolling on any and all the commercial landscaping services you require.

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