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Tier One’s Most Popular Winter Services

Grounds maintenance is a 24/7/365 kind of job. Regardless of the season, or whether or not you are taking care of a commercial or residential property, you always need to stay focused on your
property’s landscaping needs.

At Tier One Lawn Care, it is our mission to provide our clients with gold standard service on each and every project we work on. From small residential gardening, to large commercial property jobs – we strive to reach the ultimate levels of customer satisfaction.

So, from sweltering summers to frigid winters, you can count on us to provide you with all of your landscaping needs.

However, since we’re currently in the middle of a snowy Toronto winter, we thought we’d keep you informed about our winter services that are in high-demand this time of year:

Commercial Winter Plowing and Salting

One of the most important things that a business owner can ensure he or she does for their commercial property is to plow the snow and salt the pavement. Customer and staff member safety is vital for a business to operate smoothly and free of injuries on the premises.

Our dedicated team recognizes this, and during the winter we see a high level of demand for our commercial winter plowing and salting services. We make it our top priority to ensure that there are no hazardous conditions on your property, such as ice patches, heavy snow banks, or dangerous icicles hanging.

Miscellaneous Services

In addition to the former ice and snow removal services, we also offer a variety of other useful assistances throughout the entire calendar year, such as:
Upscale Residential Landscape Maintenance: We offer everything from lawn care, hedge trimming, tree pruning, and lawn treatments.
Commercial Landscape Maintenance:Our services are for all business owners whose grounds need anything from simple maintenance to large-scale upgrades.
Condominium Ground Maintenance:This service is designed specifically to enhance your condominiums curb appeal, which in turn can increase the value of the property.
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Litter Pick Up: There are few things worse than walking through a parking lot riddled with litter, which is why we offer programs that discard garbage from any parking stalls, roadways, walkways, entrances and landscape areas.
At Tier One Lawn Care, we are enormously dedicated to ensuring that every single one of our clients is completely satisfied with our work. Through quality control, unwavering integrity and innovation, we only hope that we can continue to maintain our high customer retention rate and continue to service properties across Toronto. If you’re interested in any of the aforementioned winter services that we offer, contact us today for a consultation!

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