Year-Round Services  

Landscaping not only enhances the enjoyment of any property, it increases its value. Bad landscaping can be an expensive problem down the road, so we never compromise or cut corners. When you need landscapers, who will get it done right in Toronto, it’s time to contact Tier One Lawn care.

The industry leader in landscaping for nearly 11 years. Of professional experience, Tier One Lawn Care has positioned itself as a true leader within the Toronto area. Our reputation for quality and consistency can be found in all that we so as a company, and our future will represent this heritage. Our vision is to grow with our clients while maintaining our reputation for the industry-best work. To do this,our plan is simple. We will stay true to our roots and core values of character, Passion,  Vision, Competence, Responsiveness, and creativity. And, we will continue to exceed the standards of our most discerning customers.   

Upscale Properties Ground Maintenance

Quality properties deserve the best landscape management. Kept beautiful by professionals who know how to maintain curb appeal, Tier One Lawn Care can help you dress up your property in all the right places for attracting and retaining the highest quality tenants. In addition , we also provide full ground maintenance services during the summer season.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Your commercial properties only get one chance to make a good first impression. Whether your businesses complex grounds could use some upgrading, or are in need of simple maintenance – our team will get the job done.

Condominium Ground Maintenance

Landscaping is an investment that is shown to payoff time and again. A properly maintained landscape enhances the beauty of a yard and ultimately increases the value of a property.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Litter Pick Up

Having a pristine landscape on your commercial property is imperative to impress your clientele. Fortunately, we offer thorough litter picking programs that will discard any litter from parking stalls, roadways, walkways, entrances and landscape areas.

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